Strategic Solutions
for Your Industry

Energy (Renewable Generation & Storage)

From Solar, Wind, Fuel Cell, to CHP and Energy Storage, Angstom has built relationships with industry leaders and assisted numerous companies in developing and implementing strategic plans, GTM strategies, and business development.


New technology is at the heart of the start up businesses that Angstrom is working with today.  From new energy generation, energy storage, to computer programs, Angstrom has assessed the technology and associated market and company impact.


Angstrom has assisted start up SaaS companies in the strategy and development of their product, GTM, competitive analysis, product positioning, segments, partnerships, and JVs.


Assisted the Automotive market with GTM for EVs, strategies for second life EV batteries, product planning, features and content, as well as for ICE vehicles.


The world is moving faster and faster to be totally connected.  Assessing the value of connection is key and critical.  Although the internet has been around since 1983, the term IoT was introduced in 1999 and now everything can be connected via the internet, but the big question is what is the value and how can one commoditize?