Why Choose Angstrom?


Experience - Worked with companies like your's to increase business profitably by developing and implementing strategic plans.


Passion - Profitable growth is more than a job it is my passion.  Identifying problems, analysis / assessment of the businesses, an understanding of the current internal and external environments, markets, products, and competition,  developing high level strategy, strategy operational plan with action items, sustainment including ongoing refinement, and performance evaluation ensuring profitable growth is exciting.


Ability to Identify Problems - Going beyond what one can see and digging deeper, building a customized approach to best meet your needs.


Implementation Expertise - Ensuring success beyond the plan.  Engaging the entire organization for sharing the vision and mission, continuous improvement, and developing and monitoring KPI. 


Bring new life to an Organization - By engaging the entire organization, new enthusiasm for the company and the individual contributors becomes contagious and the group as a whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.